A Custom Nursery Art Teaser

February 25, 2014

Yes, this post is a bit of a teaser, because I don’t have true “after” shots yet. Yet! They’re on their way… Those who know me well know that I get ridiculously excited ridiculously easily. You can see a few pictures and read a little about that here, but it’s not necessary. You just need to know that a good trip to Costco can send me over the edge. That gives you a pretty good idea, right?

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A Letter To My Baby (2 Months)

May 17, 2014

Hi Harrison Mark! It’s Mom again. I know it’s only been a few weeks since I wrote you your last letter, but you’re two months old today so I had to share some updates. Two months. Sheesh! I’ll write you monthly from here on out, since it’ll be a nice round number on which I can dish about all of your latest doings. Nice, round numbers make Type A-ish people like Mommy very happy.

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A Letter To My Baby (3 Months)

June 17, 2014

Hi Harr Bear! It’s Mom again, and I’m back with another monthly check-in to keep track of all of your achievements this past month. Yes, I said achievements. What?! I’m a proud Momma, what can I say? Three months. Three months. Wow. Two things are certain: I have no idea where those three months went and you’re changing every day. Oh, and one more thing that’s certain. I love you more with each passing day.

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A Letter To My Baby (4 Months)

July 17, 2014

Harrison boy! We’re more than halfway through July which means you, my love, are 4 months old. How can I possibly have a 4 month old? That can’t be right. You’re way past the point of being a newborn and although that saddens me a bit, I know the fun is just getting started. In the last month, we did so much. Nan and I took you on your very first road trip: we ventured to Cape Cod to visit your Great Nana.

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A Letter To My Baby (5 Months)

August 18, 2014

HMT, Yesterday was the 17th, which means no matter how unbelievable, another month has passed. You’re officially a cereal-eating, toe-lint hoarding, 5-month old that doesn’t stop jumping, chewing, smiling and giggling. You’re our inquisitive, sometimes-silly, sometimes-serious boy and my, you’re growing quickly. Last month was a whirlwind of new faces. You met your Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Cory for the first time. You met Great Aunts, Great Uncles, and lots of cousins.

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A Letter To My Baby (9 Months)

December 23, 2014

Harrison Mark, Before I start in on your letter this month, I just want to thank you for kicking off month 9 with such a bang. Two nights in a row, you slept from 6:30pm to 7:00am. It. Was. Awesome. While it lasted… you’ve slept through the night quite a bit since then, but you now like to start your day at 5:00am. If you could move that back by even forty five minutes, Daddy and I will be positively _sprightly _upon greeting you.

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A Letter To My Baby (Six Weeks)

April 29, 2014

Hi Harrison! You crossed the six week mark yesterday and Daddy and I can’t believe it! What did we do with our time before you came along? Our lives are now wrapped around your very existence and every need, and that’s okay with us. In my opinion, we’ve adjusted to the lack of sleep admirably. I’ve only had a few meltdowns and Daddy hasn’t had any! Of course, I blame it on the hormones.

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Christmas Road Trip

February 2, 2014

Back in December, I decided to roadtrip nearly 2,000 miles from my sister Melissa’s home in San Antonio to our parents’ home in Connecticut. I never blogged about it, but I did post some pictures to Instagram while we were on the road. (You can follow me @ schoolhouserehab.) I want to document the trip here now so I can look back at the pictures and remember the adventure. (Source)

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I Haven't Forgotten...

September 8, 2013

…about you. My loyal readers. I know it’s been over two weeks since my last post, but I’ve been a busy little bee around here, and I can’t wait to share all of the random updates. In time. Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones being neglected. The lawn is probably close to 10” tall right now. I wish I was kidding. In lieu of a house post, (since I don’t have anything to share right this second) I’ll just do a picture post of things that have been keeping us busy the last few weeks.

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Showering Me With Love

February 18, 2014

My mom and sisters (yes, they both flew in!) threw me a baby shower this weekend, and I am still taking it all in. In fact, I think I’ll be taking it in for quite some time. I’m completely overwhelmed with gratitude. I can’t believe the outpouring of support and love that surrounded me (and Matt and baby, too!) I tried to relish each moment at the time, but as it is with most events like this, sometimes the reflection period follows the event itself.

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