A Letter To My Baby (Six Weeks)

Hi Harrison!

You crossed the six week mark yesterday and Daddy and I can’t believe it! What did we do with our time before you came along? Our lives are now wrapped around your very existence and every need, and that’s okay with us. In my opinion, we’ve adjusted to the lack of sleep admirably. I’ve only had a few meltdowns and Daddy hasn’t had any! Of course, I blame it on the hormones. :)

I needed a place to record all of the things we’ve learned and loved about you in these first six weeks, so we never forget them. Sure, we’ve taken literally thousands pictures and a dozen or more videos, but that doesn’t tell the day to day story.

From the day you were born, you amazed us. Somewhere along the way, I found this print…


…and it couldn’t be closer to the truth. You are a marvel. A wonder. A bright shining light in our life we didn’t know could make us love and feel the way we do. To say we can’t stop staring at you (especially when you’re sleeping!) is an understatement. We’ll always be your biggest fans.

When I found that print above, I also stumbled upon this one in the mix…

A Letter To Baby

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As trite as it may be, it is fitting. So fitting. We are so blessed by you. Now that you’re here and you’ve affected us in this way, I never want to forget these first few weeks, which is why I’m going to write down (type) all of the moments I want to remember…

From your second day in this world, you’ve been lifting your head up on your own - astounding your parents and everyone that comes across you. Perhaps this is an early indicator of your strength - we have yet to find out.

You make us laugh in all different ways. When we say something to you, we often catch you rolling your eyes. This is a classic newborn reflex, of course, but we pretend it isn’t accidental. Please don’t continue to do this as you start talking and walking… it won’t be funny or cute after a while.

When you made a certain face on the pediatrician’s table…

A Letter To Baby

…we died. Your expressions are priceless. You contort your face so many ways, and you seem to love your hands up near your face.

A Letter To Baby

You’re constantly stretching and pursing your lips. You’ve afforded us many of Zoolander’s patented expressions. And just yesterday, Daddy said you made a face that had a very distinct “Elvis mouth.” Here’s your “Blue Steel” expression:

A Letter To Baby

You were in a rush to get here. You came two and a half weeks early and afforded Mommy a very quick delivery (of which other women are quite jealous)! Now that you’re here, you love all of the live action. You love it so much, in fact, that you fight sleep at nearly every nap and bedtime because you don’t want to miss a thing. Mimi tells us this is the way Daddy was as a baby so I blame him for your less-than-stellar sleeping schedule. That, and you’re a newborn. We love you all the same. We can sleep when you move out of the house. It’s no big deal.

Some people tell us that the personality one has as a baby is a good indicator of the personality they will have as an adult. If this is the case, we are so fortunate. You have a kind soul. You are a sweet, happy boy that who complains infrequently and cries less than that. You are determined, alert, curious and quite the snuggler.

A Letter To Baby

All of these characteristics will make you into a good person, and that is our main goal for you.

At your most recent check-up, the doctor asked how much you ate, mentioning that some babies wake during the night for only a half ounce or an ounce of milk. You wake up 3 times in any given night and take 3-4 ounces at each sitting. You have a hearty appetite and you’re growing like a weed. You’re well into the 0-3 month clothes we have for you and you just started size 2 diapers. You are slowly “climbing the percentiles” and making up for lost time. You grew nearly two inches in three weeks… a number that astounded the nurse measuring your length. We were astounded too, and excited that all signs are pointing towards you being tall like Daddy. You’re also getting quite the collection of leg rolls, which make me very happy. At six weeks, our best guess is that you’re a little over ten pounds.

Since you eat so much, you “void” A LOT. When people hold you for an extended period of time, they are normally treated to what I affectionately call the “Super-Soaker.” Sometimes this ends up going all the way up your back, and sometimes it’s contained. Speaking of “up your back” instances… You’ve treated Mommy to five of these occurrences - four of which have been while Daddy was at work. Can you save one or two for when you’re in his care? It’s an experience he needs to have.

When we were in the hospital, you didn’t love having your diaper changed but now you’re used to it and we have it down to a science. Well… almost a science. We’ve had a few “accidents” when we don’t cover your manhood with a cloth quickly enough and I’m sorry to say that on some of these occasions, your face is a casualty. Yes, you’ve peed in your face. Daddy wants to keep track to embarrass you with the number down the line if need be… It’s 5. You’ve peed in your face 5 times. It’s our fault, of course, and we’re sorry. Personally, I will try my best to keep that number at 5.

If I had to describe you in three adjectives, they would be: handsome, sweet, and vocal. Vocal being the key adjective I’ll touch on here. Never have I heard or heard of such a loud baby. You grunt and squeal dozens of times in any given stretch of sleep. Sure, you coo and make all of the adorable baby sounds, too. But the deep grunting is your signature. One time, while you were in bed with us, you were grunting so much that you sent me and Daddy into a fit of hysterical laughter over it. I’ll never forget it.

Now that you’re 6 weeks old, we see changes coming fast and furiously. Just this morning, you made a very impressive attempt at rolling over. At six weeks! You’re a rock star. You’re starting to smile more and more. The day that you focus in on my face and smile back at me… I can’t. It will be one of the highlights of my life.

I love dressing you and I’m especially partial to seeing you in baby blue. Daddy loves it when I put you in onesies that have pretend cleats on the feet.

You had lots of hospital visitors after you were born. You had dozens of visitors to the house. You are loved.

Outside of our town, you’ve spent time in Fairfield, Westport, Danbury and Wallingford. You even went to New York state (Mahopac) to watch Daddy play softball. Not exactly the world traveler, but not bad for a newborn. You’ve already been to Home Depot once and Costco thrice. Your very first outing (that wasn’t a trip to a residence or doctor’s office) was to Whole Foods with me and Aunt Melis. You had your first mall trip at 4 weeks and while Daddy was getting a new phone, we went shopping and bought your first ever pair of sunglasses.

A Letter To Baby

You hated the car seat at first, but now that you’re bigger, you love it and sometimes sleep in it for hours at a time.

A Letter To Baby

Griff is one of your fiercest protectors. When we leave the room, he can be found at your side in seconds. We were worried at first because he thought you were a toy. Now, however, we can really see how much he loves you. He’ll be your first true best friend.

A Letter To Baby

You didn’t spit up at all until you were five weeks old. You also moved into your big boy crib at five weeks old. Hopefully there’s no correlation. We want you to love your crib and we don’t love spit up. You love our bed and most mornings, after your last “middle of the night” feeding, we’ll pull you in with us. We give you plenty of room and we do it at a time of day when we aren’t in a deep sleep. We promise it’s safe for you and we’re careful.

When Daddy goes up to your room to feed you a middle of the night feeding, I hear him talk to you on the monitor that sits on my nightstand. Sometimes, he walks in your room and says, “Did someone order room service?!” and it cracks me up.

We just sent out birth announcements and we’re currently working on scheduling your Baptism. We want to celebrate you in all of the ways we can. You’re our world and we love you more than we could ever say or put into words. When people ask Daddy about being a Father, I often hear him saying that there’s no feeling like it yet it’s not something he can explain. You have the best Daddy in the world and I’ll forever try to be the best Mommy I can be. You deserve nothing but the best and we’ll do our best to give you just that.

We love you, Harrison Mark!


Mommy (and Daddy, too!)

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