A Letter To My Baby (5 Months)


Yesterday was the 17th, which means no matter how unbelievable, another month has passed. You’re officially a cereal-eating, toe-lint hoarding, 5-month old that doesn’t stop jumping, chewing, smiling and giggling.

Harrison Mark

You’re our inquisitive, sometimes-silly, sometimes-serious boy and my, you’re growing quickly.

Harrison Mark

Last month was a whirlwind of new faces. You met your Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Cory for the first time. You met Great Aunts, Great Uncles, and lots of cousins. As per usual, you greeted all of these new faces with smiles and your expected pleasant demeanor. You make it so easy to love you.

I didn’t get much done in the home-improvement department last month. The house can wait, I suppose. It would be nice if you’d entertain yourself for just a few minutes while I get laundry done, but you like to tag along…

Harrison Mark

My to-do list continues to grow yet I continue to spend my time with you instead, and I’m happy I do. There’s nowhere on this Earth I’d rather be than by your side in our quaint country home. Nowhere.

Just two weeks ago, you were Baptized in front of family and friends.

It was a very special day and we’ll remember it forever. You’re officially one of God’s children now and I bet he’s just as thrilled as we are to know you.

We continue to bring you everywhere we go. You loved checking out the book fair near Nan and Gramp’s house.

Harrison Mark

So far you seem to love books and that makes us so, so, so happy. Mommy and Daddy love to read and we hope you’ll carry a love for reading with you throughout your life.

At your 4 month check-up, the pediatrician thought you were very active and in need of a little more than just milk. She recommended we start you on cereal. Fast forward to now and you’re eating like a champ.

First Cereal!

Before you came along, my hands had never been callused before… now I have tiny calluses at the top of my palms from carrying you in your heavy bucket seat. They don’t bother me. Just like the scar on my left hand from the delivery room IV, I look at them and think of you.

Your relationship with Griffin continues to evolve.

Griff can’t walk in the room without you tracking his every move, and he yours.

A boy and his dog.

A boy and his dog.

When I put you to bed each night, Griff fights to squeeze by me in the doorway, trying to get to his spot on the rug next to your crib. One day, I’ll let him sleep in your room but for now, I’m too nervous that his frequent sneezes will wake you in the middle-of-the-night.

Speaking of middle-of-the-night-stuff… you’re sleeping much better than you were four weeks ago. You’ve given us about half a dozen nights where you’ve slept 6:30p-7a with just one night feeding in between. This makes Mommy and Daddy soooooo hopeful that you’ll be continuing this behavior down the road. In the crib, you roll around like a maniac - switching posotions every few hours and putting yourself back to sleep each time. As of last night, you’re rolling back and forth on your own and settling in for sleep on your stomach. Sorry if you notice me standing cribside while you dream… I’m a total Mommy creeper and I can’t help it.

Just before your 5 month birthday, you had quite a few “firsts.” You had your first walk out of the car seat bucket. We put you in the regular stroller and WHOA did you look like a big kid.

Big boy!

You also had your first restaurant experience in your table chair. I think you loved it.

Big boy!

We took you to the toy store for the first time… your eyes were focusing on everything in sight.

You left with a ball popper and an arch to attach to your car seat/stroller. I’ll try to make toy store trips into special occasions… we’ll stop in for an exceptional behavior reward or a birthday gift that you get to choose yourself. You know, so you aren’t completely spoiled. Your father, however, may take you more frequently. He had a bit too much fun in there with you…

We are so excited for the next month… there are so many things we want you to see and there are so many places we want to go. We’re excited for more neck kisses that lead to loud, shrieky squeals and more open mouthed toothless (for now!) smiles. We’re excited to work on having you sit up on your own and continue to introduce you to new and exciting foods.

We love you more today than we did yesterday, and have absolutely no idea how that’s possible.

Keep smiling and continue to make happy your default mood.

All our love forever and ever,

Mommy & Daddy

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