Astilbe Mine

June 26, 2014

We have a spot at the very beginning of our driveway that’s a bit of an eyesore. The driveway is cracking, the lawn is weedy, the soil is sandy (thanks, plow trucks!) and the curve itself is edged in deteriorating blacktop. Lovely, right? I didn’t want to pour much cash into this spot. I figured until we know what we’re doing with the driveway and the lawn, I’d plant some flowers to bring in a bit of color.

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Pretty-ing the Porch

June 24, 2014

Seeing as it’s nearly July, I’m glad I finally have some color on the porch. About time, right? I had an old “Welcome” coir mat that looked a little worse for wear, so I tossed it. With that gone, I was left with a pretty boring entryway. I needed something… anything to distract my eye from our desperately-in-need-of-updating storm door. I love the look of traditional stone urn planters but I don’t love the $100+ price tag.

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State of the Garden (Early June 2013)

June 5, 2013

Don’t try fighting it. We’re a few days into June, and Summer is nearly upon us. I have no idea where most of Spring went. Seriously, does anyone else feel like Spring had just sprung? We had such a beautiful April and such a rainy May that it seems the title of this post is the slogan for this year. Once June 21 hits, the days get shorter, and that thought gets me down, even though we’ll still have three full months of summer to enjoy.

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State of the Garden (Early October 2014)

October 2, 2014

Some of my favorite blog posts to revisit time and time again are the ones where I featured (cell) pictures of my gardens at any given time during the year. I do it mostly in the Spring and Summer (Late Spring 2013 here, Early Summer 2013 here, August 2013 here, April 2014 here, May 2014 here). I had a few minutes during a recent perimeter walk to snap a few Fall bloomers.

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The Cheapest Flower Arrangements Ever

August 13, 2014

Harrison was baptized last Sunday and because it was a crazy week, I realized at the last minute that I didn’t have time to run out to grab flowers to arrange for the table tops. I was bummed because I looooove fresh flowers at a party. No matter how casual the affair, (the brunch following worship was very casual) I think a vase or group of small vases elevates any table scape.

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