December 8, 2014

I’ve done it again. Just like I did with my dad’s old dressers, I’ve taken something from my parents house and tried to put my own spin on it. Feast your eyes on this bad boy. A jelly cabinet from the 1980s. I asked my parents for the story behind this - why they bought it, where they got it, what they paid… and they can’t remember. Are the 80s the new 60s?

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Harrison's Rocker (The Reveal!)

March 28, 2014

I know I normally post on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I couldn’t wait to share this before and after! Since Harrison came a bit early, I didn’t have the rocker at the house when we brought him home from the hospital. If you’re new to the site, here’s a one-liner to catch you up: Matt and I decided to refinish an heirloom antique rocker from his Great Aunt instead of popping on an upholstered glider for the nursery.

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New Office Bling

September 18, 2013

Do new, upholstered chairs qualify as bling in your book? Clearly, they do in mine. I’m in love with the new additions to our cozy little office, and I came upon them for free. Yes, free bling. What’s better? If you didn’t know, our office started with brown pile carpeting and purple walls. Yum. Immediately upon closing on the house, we ripped up the carpet, pulled out all of the carpet nails, and had a professional hardwood refinishing company come in to sand down and refinish the floors.

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Time to Rock!

January 12, 2014

Every nursery needs a rocker. That’s for sure. I had the upholstered, glider version in my head. Forever. You know, something like this: (Image Source) Then, I realized how much space they take. We don’t have that kind of space in this house. I also realized I had a beautiful antique rocker sitting in the guest room that was begging to be refinished. Matt’s Great Aunt passed it down to us, and we both love the idea of bringing some glory to the vintage piece.

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Time to Rock! (Phase 2)

February 6, 2014

I’m checking in on this beautiful Thursday with a rocking chair update! I’m so happy to see some blue skies today after all the snow yesterday. We ended up with right around a foot of the white stuff! I stayed inside all day organizing, relaxing, and drinking gallons of tea. It was pretty nice. If you recall, Matt and I decided to forego our original decision to buy an upholstered nursery glider in favor of a family heirloom that his Great Aunt passed onto us before she passed away.

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