Kitchen Renovation

Choosing Our New Kitchen Faucet

June 21, 2013

Our new faucet is installed and fully functional, and I’m a happy girl. I wish I had more of the “install” pictures for you, but Matt does things quickly and huffs and puffs at me while I try to take pictures. So, here are the after pictures of our new Moen “Anabelle” faucet. Side note: Those orange dahlias on the ledge are from my garden. Kind of. Matt bought them for me in a patio planter to celebrate our new counters.

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Good-Bye Grease, Hello Sleek

June 28, 2013

I know the title doesn’t rhyme exactly, but humor me. Here we are, with part two of two in the microwave saga: the install. Did you read the Microwave Story? It was long, I know, but funny. At least, I hope it was a little funny. Wish you could have met CSG, he was a real riot. I realized I didn’t include a picture of the microwave we ended up buying at Home Depot.

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Kicking Off Our First Tile Project

July 8, 2013

The tile is up, y’all. It’s up on the wall. Technically, it’s been on the wall for a while now, but I’m just getting this post up now. Sorry ‘bout it. I picked the tile out a few weeks ago at Home Depot, and with everything else thrown in, our cart looked quite full. We grabbed everything we needed for this job all in one shot. Or so we thought.

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New Kitchen Tile: Complete!

July 9, 2013

Put a fork in it. The kitchen tile job is done. For a recap, here’s where the kitchen stood at the end of night one. With that part under our belt, it was time to grout. Before we mixed it up, we needed to check each space between the tiles for any thin-set that may have sneaked out while pressing the tile down. Each space needed to be clear to absorb the grout we’d scrape on.

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Take Off The Hoody

June 19, 2013

Before we can start the backsplash to complement our new counters, we needed to figure out our range hood situation. Why not tackle it on a weeknight? That’s how we’ve been rolling this Spring. Our current range is old, ugly, and loaded with old grease. You can decide what’s grosser: the old grease or the fact that I lived with the old grease for 3 1/2 years. We are going with an over-the-range microwave to replace this bad boy.

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