Hanging a Wreath Over a Mirror (After Painting It)

December 11, 2013

This is my first post this week because yes, I missed another Sunday Cookin’ post. Oops. Maybe I should aim for every other Sunday instead of every Sunday. I did, in fact, cook. I just didn’t take pictures and blog about it. Actually, I took one picture, since I thought the table looked festive and pretty. Matt and I hosted a small brunch for his mother’s birthday and we served (among a few store bought things…) eggs, pancakes, bacon and fruit.

#Crafts #Decorating #Christmas

My Favorite $14 Christmas Update

November 30, 2013

I know it’s November 30th, but I hung my favorite Christmas decoration. Obviously it’s my favorite. It’s the first. I haven’t even taken out the Christmas bins from the attic yet. There will be more favorites to come. I popped by Trader Joe’s to grab a fresh boxwood wreath that I saw advertised for $10! I couldn’t believe the price. I feel like a local nursery would charge $30-$40 for the same thing.

#Christmas #Crafts #Decorating