My Favorite $14 Christmas Update

I know it’s November 30th, but I hung my favorite Christmas decoration. Obviously it’s my favorite. It’s the first. I haven’t even taken out the Christmas bins from the attic yet. There will be more favorites to come.

I popped by Trader Joe’s to grab a fresh boxwood wreath that I saw advertised for $10! I couldn’t believe the price. I feel like a local nursery would charge $30-$40 for the same thing. I needed the wreath in my life. Matt and I had our Friday night date at Trader Joe’s specifically for this reason. We threw it in the trunk and headed to Michael’s for some wired ribbon since I wanted to dress it up a bit. I grabbed 45 feet of 2.5” wired ribbon that caught my eye. It was on sale for $4. Score.

Christmas Ribbon

I watched a few YouTube tutorials after searching “how to make a wired ribbon bow” and then decided to try it on my own because I didn’t find them all that helpful. Nothin’ like winging it. I’m so happy with how it came out.

Embellished Trader Joe’s Boxwood Wreath

I basically kept looping pieces of the ribbon around while pinching it in the back with my thumb and forefinger, eventually tying it tightly together with some floral wire. If you don’t have floral wire laying around, the twist ties that come on loaves of bread would work, too. The bow itself isn’t professional quality, of course, but after some tweaking once it was on the wreath, I’m loving it. All for $14 bucks. Oh, and I have plenty of wired ribbon left over for other bow adventures.

Embellished Trader Joe’s Boxwood Wreath

We took down the big clock that normally hangs in the spot and will replace it once the holiday season passes. It’s making me really happy every time I walk into the kitchen area. I love seeing the big ol’ wreath up on the wall. Especially now that all of the beams are painted white - you can see part of the finished beam in the picture below.

Embellished Trader Joe’s Boxwood Wreath

Of course, this has elevated my holiday decorating status from “in limbo” to “in gear.” Time to raid the attic!

When do you start your decorating?

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