15 Minutes to Functionality: A Garden Space

September 20, 2012

Having absolutely zero time lately to do anything that merits an actual photo sequence of house progress, I decided to prep for this weekend by taking 15 minutes and organizing my gardening shelf. At least I’d feel like I got something done to aid in some upcoming gardening tasks planned for this weekend. (Why yes, the yard is slated to get some much needed TLC since the last go around.)

#Garden #Before & After #Organization

15 Minutes to Functionality: A Linen Mess

January 11, 2013

My linen closet is organized, and let me tell you, I can sure breathe easier. I had all intentions of this space to be neat on a daily basis, since we’re in and out of it pretty regularly. I even grabbed a bunch of small bins from Target a while ago and labeled them so that everything had a place. My intentions were good. However, months later, we were looking a little worse for wear.

#Before & After #Organization