15 Minutes to Functionality: A Linen Mess

My linen closet is organized, and let me tell you, I can sure breathe easier. I had all intentions of this space to be neat on a daily basis, since we’re in and out of it pretty regularly. I even grabbed a bunch of small bins from Target a while ago and labeled them so that everything had a place. My intentions were good. However, months later, we were looking a little worse for wear.

You can see that some things are folded and neat - I really did try! Also, I tried to neaten it up as recently as a few weeks ago, but it never seems to stay that way.

After 15 minutes of pulling everything out, moving the sheets to be stored in their respective bedrooms, tossing some expired beauty aids, and scheming up a newly organized space, we were back in business with a whole empty shelf for the towels that were in the laundry. Bam!

And look, there’s even space at the bottom! I may move the hamper in our bedroom into that space.

In this tiny old house, storage space is at a premium, and I am so lucky to have a decently-sized linen closet. If it’s not organized, however, it’s a nightmare, so it was beyond worth of 15 minutes of my time!

If you want to see what else I’ve whipped into shape in just 15 minutes, check out my gardening shelf and my wrapping paper area. We’re getting to an efficient state, slowly but surely!

What have you organized lately? Any spots in your house that could use a good 15 minutes of frenzied cleaning?

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