Advice Needed!

After Hemming & Hawing... It's Time For New Counters!

March 18, 2013

Finally! It’s time to pop on some new countertops up in here. We’ve lived with the yellow laminate with “specialty brown veining” for long enough. After an exhaustive few months weighing the pros/cons of granite vs. solid surface vs. laminate, we’ve decided to stick with laminate for a number of reasons. 1. We don’t want to over-upgrade. Not that we’re leaving anytime soon, but when we eventually move on to a larger house, we want to get everything back that we’ve put in.

#Advice Needed!

Curtain Call: Advice Needed - Comments Wanted!

October 9, 2012

I haven’t been happy with the curtains in our living room since the day I bought them. I mean, they were alright. They were inexpensive and readily available, while matching with my overall color plan for the space. They worked with my hasty decorating plan, but they’re just not working now. The color is right for the space, but the length isn’t right for the window and the lack of detail is a bit boring.

#Advice Needed!