Spring Ahead

Like most other New Englanders I know, I'm sick of the snow.

Yes, I want spring to come badly. No, I don't like when the clocks "spring ahead." At all.

Losing an hour of sleep makes me want to do this...

Daylight Savings

Alas, I guess you can't have one without the other.

Daylight savings coupled with a very late night partying with puppies* has me aching to lay on the couch watching Downton Abbey. Or Pitch Perfect. Or the E network. I'm not particular. 

However, we're looking at another gorgeous day here in CT, so I want to make the best of it. Griff had me up early (10am is early when you go to bed at 2am) so we decided to do a perimeter walk around the yard to see what signs of life we might see in and around the gardens.

The magnolia tree has just a few weeks until it's in bloom and the fuzzy encasements (a high-tech garden term) are out in full force.

Northern Magnolia

The daffodils are coming up through the snow, which makes me ridiculously excited!

In the sunny spots where the snow has melted, I even have daffodil buds!

I realize I'm using lots of exclamation points, but if you spent an entire day last year planting nearly 200 bulbs, you'd be as excited as me. These are some of the bulbs I set in the ground in the fall, and I can't wait to see how they do. I'm especially excited for that funky orange guy in the middle. (!!!!!!!!) 

The bunnies are starting to emerge from the snow as well, keeping an eye on things.

The lilac tree is doing especially well this year, sporting new shoots all over it.

Just a week or two more and we should be seeing a lot more color around here. It can't come soon enough. 10 days until spring! Are you starting to notice the plants coming out of hibernation like me? Maybe it's just me. I'm like the crazy cat lady of plants. 

*Last night, Matt and I headed out to the 6th annual Making a Difference Ball to support Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS). DAWS is where we adopted our darling Griffin. The ball is a great event with a silent auction, dinner, and dancing that we really enjoy. We try to make it each year to help them raise much needed funds to continue doing the great work they do to find forever homes for hundreds of dogs and cats. This year was our 3rd or 4th year in attendance (Open bar - who can remember?! Just kidding, Mom!) and they had some especially cute dogs greeting guests and raising awareness. Who wouldn't want to take this baby home?

You can see this puppy and all others looking for their forever home here. Happy puppy-browsing and Happy Sunday!