Super Thoughts, Round 2

Instead of actually watching the game, I’ve been typing out some minutes. You know, like I’m in a meeting writing down notes on what was said and what happened. I do look up at the big screen occasionally, when Matt screams out or yells about an amazingly good or amazingly bad play. And of course, I’m watching all of the commercials. Duh.

  • I still can’t believe this Super Bowl pits brothers against each other. If I had to coach a team against a team coached by one of my sisters, it would be a mess. Especially across the field like that. I’d be able to see all of her facial expressions and body language quirks the entire time, causing me and her to erupt into a fit of giggles. Then, of course, when one of us won and not the other, we’d get really upset for a few hours.
  • Can we not get working lights for an event of this magnitude? Come on! Someone call the DIY squad.
  • I’m over the E*Trade baby. I have been for a year or two.
  • The celebrities mispronouncing “February” reminds me of how I couldn’t say the word “permanent” until I was about 18. It was a mental block I couldn’t get over for the longest time. Sharpies were “Pern-a-ment” markers to me. My best friend Debbie still makes fun of me for it.
  • Bud Light, you taste like water to me.
  • Really, still no lights?
  • When the commentators chit chat in between plays, (or when the lights are off foreevvvvvver) all I hear is “blah, blah blah league, blibbidy blah blah blah football, blahbidiblah.”
  • This lapse in commercials has allowed me time to look at what other tabs are still open in my browser. “Best Super Bowl Foods” and “Best Football Chili” were among my searches from this morning. I had such ambition earlier on in the day. What did I end up choosing? Well, I made a big salad for dinner. Oops. Sorry, Matt. #worstwifeever #wherearethenachos
  • More delays… time to search for my neighbor in the crowds on TV.
  • Let there be light!
  • Tattoo-less arms > Tattoo “sleeves”
  • Tracy Morgan does the “talking yell” or “yelling talk” like no other. #imiss30rockalready
  • Losing interest. Matt says the good commercials have come and gone.
  • Aaaaand cue Psy on the pistachio commercial. I’m out.
  • What can I paint?

I lasted into the third quarter, but it’s time to get some projects rolling around here. I’ve been on this couch for too long. Happy Super Bowl Sunday, y’all!