Since I Wasn't Doing Anything Else...

Matt and I had a rare, treasured, “do nothing Saturday” this past weekend and I used it the best way I know how: fixing up a few things around the house. Shocker, I know.

“Do nothing weekends” are weekends free of obligations or agendas. They’re amazing, and they only happen a few times a year. This past “do nothing Saturday,” I ripped apart our bedroom, scouring it clean (I even vacuumed the box spring and mattress). I’m psycho like that. After that was done, I was looking for something else to check off the ol’ to do list.

At the top of our stairs sits and open space between the two guest bedrooms that’s about 10 square feet. There isn’t even enough room for a small table, because when people stay over, their duffel bags and/or luggage would hit the table on their way out of the room. That just seems like more trouble that it’s worth.

There is, however, a nice spot of wall for a mirror of piece of art that I’m dying to decorate in some way. It’s a total blank canvas.

I’m currently trolling Craigslist and local thrift shops for an old mirror to hang in that space and make it feel larger. I’ve come up short so far.

There was a different opportunity to brighten the little landing in the interim, so I got on it. If you didn’t notice the dingy, brown baseboard heating unit in the picture above, let me spell it out for you.

Oooooh yes, it screams cozy school house, doesn’t it? As I’ve done here and here, I opted to clean and paint that bad boy instead of replacing it. I lifted off the bottom part as seen above to better clean the space. A good vacuuming and a rag dampened with an all-purpose cleaner did the trick. Then it was just me and my old friend, the paint can.

Griff attempted to keep me company by coming upstairs and laying in the guest room, but the bed proved too comfortable.

Some helper he is.

Good thing I had good painting tunes to keep me on the ball.

It took a couple of coats, with about 40 minutes of dry time between each coat. The difference right off the bat was motivation enough, really.

Painting a baseboard heating unit.

So long dingy white baseboard and hellllooooo there ultra pure white radiator. Cost: Free thanks to existing paint. Not a bad way to pass a Saturday. You know, when you have nothing else goin’ on.

Now off to mirror hunt some more. Keep an eye out for something for this space. It’s brightened up now and is begging for something.

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping in!

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