Super Thoughts

Do not let the title of this post mislead you - these are in no way thoughts that can be characterized as super in any way, shape, or form. They are simply my thoughts and observations while watching this year’s Super Bowl.

  • I pretty much nearly almost always root for the team that has the nicest colors. I don’t really love either team’s colors in this Super Bowl, so I instead picked my team based on city. San Francisco is one of our favorite cities in this country, so that’s an easy one. Let’s go red and gold! P.S. I love the Saints, Raiders, Patriots & Packers for their awesome colors.
  • The Sandy Hook Chorus made me happy because they were all smiling and having fun, as they should be. It was really uplifting. Still brought on the tears, though. Anyone else?
  • Jennifer Hudson (is she J-Hud?) is freaking amazing. The voice on that woman. My word. Such power.
  • Jason Witten. That seersucker dress shirt. That orange and blue tie. That blue vintage-looking suit. That sharp haircut. That all-American smile. Perfection.
  • Flacco seems cocky, and Kaepernick not so much. Update: Matt has informed me that Flacco isn’t cocky at all and Kaepernick is actually the cocky one, kissing his biceps on a touchdown. Ew. Shows you what I know.
  • The Budweiser “Black Crown” commercials are annoying. Budweiser is clearly trying to break into the very lucrative and ever-growing craft beer market, of which Matt and I are active drinkers participants. We love our craft beer, and we love going to craft beer festivals in t-shirts and jeans. We do NOT wear whatever those models were rocking in this commercial. It’s like they have no idea what market they’re trying to target. #misrepresentation
  • That Audi commercial where the high school boy goes to prom and makes out with the prom queen then (presumably) gets hit in the face? Love it. Missed it? YouTube it. Now.
  • The Calvin Klein “Concept” underwear commercial is… Hm. Let’s get personal for a minute, eh? I’m definitely a boxer/boxer brief kind of girl. Briefs are not my thing. Even on that ridiculously ripped model sporting the “concept” underwear. Also, I think the Calvin Klein commercials are more effective if they have celebrity models. Like David Beckham. Just sayin’. Also, the featured model was making outlandish movements in the underwear (punching, rash hip twisting) that would knock a girl out cold if she attempted to approach him. #notsexy #frightening
  • The Rock. Aka. Dwayne Johnson. In a milk commercial and in movie previews - are we over this guy yet? I feel like he’s kind of a 2000-2010 fad. Anyone else agree?
  • The referee term “unnecessary roughness” needs to be used in real life. For real people that piss you off. Someone cut you off on the highway? Speed up to them, roll down the window and scream it. “UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS!” It’ll be the new “Mean people suck.” Remember that phrase?
  • The Volkswagen commercial with the white guy talking like a Jamaican made me smile. In part because I miss my Spike.
  • The commercial with the old people partying hard? Loved it. I hope Matt and I are like that. Doesn’t make me want Taco Bell, though.
  • Is Beyonce really worthy of a countdown? Are you crazy?!!?! Of course she is! Well, I don’t want to jump the gun - we’ll see how she performs.
  • I need to adopt Beyonce’s starting pose in real life. While doing mundane things like waiting in line for my bacon, egg and cheese. Tilt hips, arm out. Get fierce. Gotta remember that.
  • Destiny’s Child performing was my favorite part. #throwback
  • Matt wasn’t a fan of the halftime show. “I don’t get it.” “She looks like she’s convulsing - not dancing.” “Bring back Janet Jackson and her ______.” Oh, men.

I’ll be back with some more thoughts for round two. :)