Speaking of Kids... Some News!

Remember that post a couple of weeks back about some of my neurotic yard-keeping quirks and how having children of my own would help to alleviate the work load around here? Of course, I was joking. Mostly. Matt and I do want kids, but not for the sole reason of having yard helpers. (Although that will be quite nice!) We want kids because, well, a baby is something we’ve always wanted. It’s pretty simple, really.

If you didn’t get where this post was heading, maybe you will now…Matt and I are expecting our first! Yes, we’re bringing a baby into this old school house with one bathroom and no tub! Talk about hard knocks, eh? Ha. It will be an adventure to say the least, but we are completely over the moon and can’t wait to see it all unfold in miracle fashion.

It’s been a great ride so far. I’m four months along and come early Spring, this home of two plus an adorable, spunky fur baby will become a home of three plus that adorable, spunky fur baby.

Here’s the newest addition at 12 weeks…

Baby on the way!

We’re still in a stage that I’m calling “Euphoric Shock,” where the news hasn’t quite sunk in yet, but we know good changes are coming down the pike, ready or not!

Oh, and If you’re wondering if this blog about our first baby (our home, of course!) will turn into a Mommy blog… well… it won’t. The focus will continue to be on the house and all of the improvements we have planned! That being said, I will have to blog about setting up the nursery down the line…duh.

Our goal all along has been to make this fixer-upper a place where our family can be happy and comfortable, and that vision has only solidified with the news of our little one on the way!