New Uses For Old Things: Old Pepsi Crate

Remember when I fell in love with this old Pepsi crate from a local thrift shop?

Vintage Pepsi Crate

I still love it because it’s just so cool. It also happened to have my hometown (Fairfield, Conn.) printed on the side. Fate!

Vintage Pepsi Crate

Well, if you don’t remember it, you can read all about where and why I bought it here. I told you I’d fill you in on where I put it, so here we are.

It has been sitting in our office for just over a month and I was ready for it to find a place to live in this house. Enter the top of our refrigerator.

This is the current state of our refrigerator top:

Blech. Disorganized and overrun with dog things. Not how I like to roll. I cleaned up the crate with a rag soaked in a vinegar & water mixture, and let it dry in the sunshine. A little while later, I loaded it up to create a much more functional space.

Ignore the off-kilter pictures. Haven’t I mentioned that nothing in our house is square or level? Everything leans. It’s charming. Most of the time.

It’s so much neater, which makes me infinitely happy. Plus, the Pepsi logo is on full display, which I think is appropriate, since it is the kitchen and all. If I turned the box into storage for a different room, I don’t think it wouldn’t have fit quite as nicely.

Griffin’s treats, collars, bags and medications are all in one easy-to-reach spot. Well, easy for Matt to reach. Ha.

Griff’s toys, however, are another battle completely, so I’m open to suggestions on that front…

#Before & After