Hellloooo, Do Nothing Weekend!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


Sing that a la Handel’s Messiah, if you know it…

It is here. It is finally here. After a small countdown and much anticipation,


Now, do not confuse the “do nothing weekend” with a “don nothing weekend,” where we go about our business in the nude.

I kid, I kid. Does anyone really do that? I thought it was a funny play on words.

If you’re relatively new to the site, a “do nothing weekend,” or a “D.N.Dubs” is a weekend that Matt and I treasure. We look forward to it with great expectancy. When it arrives, Matt and I are free from obligations and agendas, having no reason to leave the house, allowing us to catch up and do what we want!

Some people might use a D.N.Dubs to watch Homeland marathons or spend hours upon hours browsing their Netflix instant queue.

Not. Us.

I can only spend so much time sitting down. If we’re talking specifics, I can only spend about 10 minutes sitting down before I’m looking for the next task. We’re psychos. Or maybe, I’m a psycho, and I drag Matt down with me. Sorry, darling!

For this particular D.N.Dubs., I have a to-do list that’s about three pages long. We haven’t had a D.N.Dubs since January, so we’re long overdue.

Some highlights on the list this time around to get us started:

  • A nursery trip to get a couple of new plants to celebrate Spring 2013
  • Plant said new plants
  • Mulch new plants
  • Weed existing gardens
  • Cut down a vampire tree and maybe a vampire branch
  • Investigate new porch footings (do we need them? can we work with existing footings?)
  • Scrape down porch ceiling to prep for new ceiling material and trim
  • Shop for new porch ceiling light (ours is disgusting and old and harbors nests from at least 5 different insects)
  • Do a final sanding job on my dad’s dressers and pick the stain for dressers
  • Put the first coat of stain on the dressers
  • Tackle the clutter in the house
  • Wash all of the windows in the house
  • Tune-up the lawn mower and mow our jungle of a yard

That should get us started. I’ll let you know how we do when Sunday rolls around!

Anyone else rocking a D.N.Dubs this weekend? What’s on your to-do list? Please share! I’d love to hear what everyone else is up to!