Fresh heat

Did you get a chance to read this post about the start to our kitchen re-do? DO IT. On our to-do list for the kitchen was to find a solution for the heat registers that sit under the big back window on the back of the house. They were rusty and gross, half gray and half ivory. We looked into replacing them but found it would be well over a hundred bucks to do so. The heat source was functional, but ugly. We heard that heat registers could be painted, so after some brief research, I painted them white on a whim. I had Behr’s Ultra Pure White out while painting the kitchen trim, and went at it.

Shield your eyes as you feast upon the mess that was…

Yikes, I told you that this house was old, right? Luckily, some UPW fixed that very cost-effectively. Would’ya look at those almond outlets, too. Those are about to be history. Check out a half hour’s work later…

Ignore the messy white on the walls, those are getting painted, peeps!

So beautiful otherwise, right? Such a big difference for so little effort and so litte $$$.

Gotta love the magic of UPW.

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