Early August lull

My gardens are looking a little dreary lately, and I plan to fix that over the next year. I have mostly perennials dotting the yard, and for good reason. For starters, they don’t need to be watered every day. Perennials are pretty low-maintenance. They fill in and multiply each year…they’re easy! The only down-side to perennials is their lack of vibrancy.

Boy, am I lacking some “oomph.” I have so much green and purple, but not much else. Perennials are traditionally categorized into subtle hues like white, pink, mauve and lilac. Bright reds and oranges are hard to come by if you’re looking for a plant that comes up year after year. All of my color has come and gone by this time of the year and I am on a mission to find some deer-resistant plants that will bloom well into September. My mums are bright and beautiful, but they are still a couple of weeks off. Any ideas for a something that fits the bill? In the meantime, I’ll reminisce about my beautiful irises that kept me happy for the months of April and May.


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