To-Do List: November 2012

I’ve decided to start putting my monthly to-do lists up on the blog at the beginning of each month so that I’m held accountable for the things I pounce on and the things that seem to slip away from me. That, and Matt reeeeeaaally wants me to go paperless. He doesn’t realize that is nearly impossible for a girl who loves cutesy notepads and personalized stationery.

But back to this month’s to-do list. I realize there’s but a week left in November, and I took a mini blog-cation the past couple of weeks, but this week is going to be… say it with me… caaaarraaaaazy productive. Aaaaand go.

To-Do List: November 2012

  • Prep kitchen for new paint. We haven’t been completely happy with our paint color. It’s a little too bright for me and it was never done thoroughly. When I painted all of the trim in the kitchen last april, I vowed to get the kitchen done in the same year. Lofty, I know.
  • Paint kitchen. Whew.
  • Replace all of the nasty, outdated, almond-colored electrical outlets and light switches in the kitchen with white ones.
  • **Finish the last round of leaf pick-up. **This is actually something I really love to do.
  • Buy new lamps for the guest room.
  • Figure out a nightstand solution for the guest room.
  • Buy/make new curtains for the guest room.
  • DIY some art for the guest room.
  • Finally reveal the updated guest room to all of my loyal blog readers. :)
  • **Hang the other 2 sets of living room curtains. **
  • Share the second part of our San Antonio adventure. Read the first part here.
  • Stop dilly-dallying and decide whether to paint or stain the dressers.
  • **Paint or stain the DAMN dressers. **
  • Hang our San Antonio souvenir.
  • Price out kitchen chair rail & molding options. This could be a possible December to-do list contender.
  • **Paint (touch-up) the front porch kickbacks and railings to better display impending Christmas decorations. **Yay for Christmastime!
  • Paint the back porch railings. Before it gets too cold!! (It’s already border-line too cold.)
  • Find a system to organize the mess that is the linen closet.
  • Find a system to organize the mess that is the “wrapping paper drawer." In anticipation for Christmastime. Yay for Christmastime!

We are going to revisit this on the last day of the month and see what kind of headway we made. Who has bets on this? Anyone out there think I’ll get to everything? I’m going to do my very best but I’m definitely not making any promises!