Counters On The Excitement Spectrum

When I get home this evening, I will have new counters in my kitchen! (Cheers, applause and exclamations of joy from the crowd.)

I know, right?! I’m ridiculously excited, too.

I have to say, the new counters rank pretty high on my excitement spectrum. Those who know me will say I am easily excitable. I gueeesssss this is true…

Jumping For Joy

“We’re going for fro-yo?! Score! (Jumps up and down.) I’ve been thinking about it all day!”

“Matt, Matt, Matt! (Drags husband by hand towards the garden.) Look at this peony! (Engages in high-pitched voice.) Isn’t it beautiful?! It will pop any day now! It’s my favorite flower (right now)!”

(While alone in the car.) “YESSSS!!!! I love this song!! I’ve been waiting to hear this song for so long!!” (Breaks into full-on dance party alone in car with air-punching, sashaying body movements and loud singing voice.)

Pumped Up In Winter Gear

Excitable? Yes. I suppose. However, my excitement spectrum is a spectrum nonetheless, and the bottom end of it is riddled with activities or events that fail to ignite a spark even though they’re not altogether displeasing. A couple of examples:

1. A new movie release comes to theaters. I’d rather watch it on my own, with 98% fat free popcorn and pause for bathroom breaks on my watch.

Not Impressed BEFORE McKayla Maroney ;\)

2. Shopping for clothes or shoes. Again, not totally unenjoyable for me, but I hate the fitting rooms and I’d rather be doing most anything else on the spectrum. Which is probably why I do my shopping online.

Not Impressed BEFORE McKayla Maroney ;\)

The middle of the excitement spectrum is categorized by occasional hand-clapping and much more physicality. Jumping, smiling, toe-tapping, dancing, and an increased pitch in my voice. Some in-the-middle examples:

1. An amazing song comes on the radio as detailed before. It can change your mood from neutral to super pumped in just a few drum beats. I transform into a crazy car singer/car dancer that should be on one of those hidden camera shows for crazy car singing and crazy car dancing.

Dancing For Joy

2. Finding a sweet rug/pillow/blanket on clearance online or in a store. As you can imagine, it draws quite a few more “looks” when it happens in the store.


I don’t dance back to the car with my newest find, but I do skip with the cart back to the car. On occasion, I’ll do the thing where you run and then hop on the back of the cart and ride it all the way to the car. I’m careful, Mom. I promise.

Then, we come to the apex of the excitement spectrum.

So Happy

Categorized by all of the above (the high-pitched voice, the jumping, the toe-tapping, and a good mood for days) as well as the countdown. Yep, a countdown. The things that make me crazy with excitement are normally greatly anticipated, and as a result, they get their own countdown on my phone and in Google calendar.

Happy Friends

Can you can guess what falls on this end of the spectrum? Here are a few:

1. My sisters flying in to visit.

2. Visiting with family and old friends.

3. Do-Nothing Weekends.

4. Birthdays.

5. The whole month of December.

6. Vacation.


Goodbye, Yellow Counters.

The countdown is on, don’t you worry. We have just hours (!!!) to go until the guys arrive with our brand new counters and our brand new sink. Then, we get to install our brand new faucet. It’s borderline too much excitement. Kidding! That’s not possible for me.

What are you most excited about this summer? What excites you the most in the world? Share below in the comments - I’d love to hear!