Anniversary of Irene

This time last year, we had plans to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. (Happy almost Birthday, Momma!) We heard there would be a big storm, possibly a hurricane, making it’s way through CT around the time we were set to meet, but my father was unfazed and said they would be up to our house late morning as originally planned.

I love my father for many reasons and one of them is that he isn’t easily scared of anything. However, another reason I love him is that he almost always listens to my Mom, and she is cautious enough to not drive 28.4 miles “upstate” in high winds and torrential downpours. Alas, we missed my Mom’s birthday last year because of Hurricane Irene. We’ll make up for it this time around!

I’m thankful that there aren’t any crazy storms heading our way this year, while keeping in my thoughts the people of the Northern Gulf Coast that are getting hammered by Tropical Storm Issac. It’s that time, seasonally, and we just have to batten down the hatches and roll with the punches as best we can. After surviving the weather we were dealt this past year, (read about what I call the “Halloween Massacre” here) I truly believe that our little old school house can handle anything! It’s just hard to really believe that when the house is shaking (Matt will say I’m making this up) and the winds are whipping against the old frame.

In the end, Irene hit us pretty hard, as we were without power for a week and had to deal with some major basement flooding. Yet we (and the house!) persevered. We are smarter now, and know to take the weather warnings a bit more seriously. We are also more prepared now, being the proud owners of a generator that could easily power a small country. That’s my husband for you. “Go big or go home.” The thing is excessive, over-the-top and Lord willing, I will never have to power up the monster. It is beyond intimidating.

Here’s hoping this year’s August 28th will be a bit less “exciting,” with happier memories for all!

Hurricane Irene

Anyone have any good stories from Irene’s wrath this time last year? Or if you went out in the downpours in your bathing suits like me and Matt, please share! I want to know that we aren’t the only nutcases out there.

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