School House Lore

I’m adding a trip to the town hall to my to-do list. Since this house is sort of historic, (but not officially) I really want to pull out the old deed registers, building permits, and tax assesments to get some dirt on the house and maybe even come across old photos! I wanted to share something else crazy - when an appraiser came to assess the home’s value, he said that he didn’t think our old school house was built in 1875… In his professional opinion, he dated the house back to the 1820s… so cool, right?! I’ll keep you posted with my findings when I get time to head to the town offices.

This weekend, Matt and I have a rare “do nothing weekend,” during which we have NO offiicial plans. I know, they’re awesome. We covet these types of weekends! There will probably be some gardening and painting going on, so I’ll keep you informed… you know you’re on the edge of your seat.

Hope you had a great week and are looking to a fun weekend yourselves!