Oh, how the time flies!

Every once in a while, I get so overwhelmed by the sheer mass of projects to tackle in this house that I have absolutely NO idea what I want to do next.

It’s pretty much a weekly crap shoot around here.

Add that to the crazy schedule we’ve been sticking to these days, and there isn’t much school house rehabbing going on. And since a big chunk of my happiness comes from updates and little upgrades around here, you can imagine I’m feeling pretty frustrated.

In August, I fluttered between some garden projects, creating a gallery wall, random painting projects, a lot of organizational battles, and some furniture reconfiguration.

We are SO ready for some bigger projects like some front porch rehabbing, curb appeal changes closer to the street, and some big kitchen changes, but the time just isn’t falling into our hands.

Here’s to a few more “do nothing” weekend days so we can tackle all that we have planned. Until then, we are going to try our best to enjoy the amazing weather and our amazing friends and family while relishing in all the fun things we have planned for the weekends to come! Carpe diem! I’ll be back this week with a few more pictures from our August vacation to Colorado.

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!