Milk was a bad choice...*

HAPPY SUMMER! New England has welcomed the season of bathing suits and BBQs with an onslaught of 100+ degree heat and brutal (baarrruuuutal) humidity. As I'm writing this, it's 84 degrees, with a "real feel" of 89 degrees and off-the-charts humidity. It's 10:00pm, people. That's just too damn hot.

Milk was a bad choice

Seeing as our house was built in 1875, it's safe to say we are roughing it. No A/C, baby. We're so old school. Hardship builds character and nothing shouts character more than swatting petulantly at your husband while making the sounds of a 3-year old* when his arm brushes yours while trying to eat. "Don't touch me! It's too freaking hot for you to touch me!" I am positively dripping with character right now. We do, however, have a unit in the bedroom, so I'm getting my beauty sleep, don't you worry. It's just the other daily tasks beyond sleeping that become difficult. For example...

Showering - It is not fun to hop out of a shower only to be covered by a sweaty sheen from said hopping out.

Cooking - Are you serious? I don't cook when it goes above 80. Playa please. Take-out salad it is. Case in point: Griffin is running out of his beloved dog treats but I refuse to turn on the stove. It's back to Milk-Bones for the time being.

Watching TV - Bare legs and a leather couch. Enough said. The sensation of my legs sticking to and being pulled against the couch is literally making me wince right now. Anyone else?

Doing the dishes - I wash dishes in hot water and by the time I'm done scouring the pots from our dinner for two, I've changed shirts twice and my hair is frizzed out like a lioness on the prowl. 

Folding laundry - Let's just say Tide SHOULD NOT add to their line of detergents a scent of mountain fresh meets sweaty palms.

Reading the mail - "Here's the electric bill, darling! Does that say $98.97 or $198.97?" All I see is blurred ink under that giant sweat drop that just fell from my forehead.

So as you can see, we're not the happiest campers when temperatures soar like they have the past few days. I really feel like we are some of the only ones we know still living in a world with no A/C. We basically retreat to our bedroom and try to do all of the above from our tiny (albeit cool) 10'x12' room. I can swing the laundry and mail-sorting from the bed, but the showering, cooking and dish washing don't fare so well.

Despite the heat yesterday and today, I managed to mow the front (yesterday) and the back (today) lawns, plant a couple of annuals that were laying around, AND get to some de-cluttering. Go me.

I have a bunch of other posts to get up, with some major landscaping overhauls and some updated before & afters. I'll try my best to get those up within the next week. I know you're on the edge of your seat. I'll leave you with a picture of Griff on the ride home today. Doesn't look like the heat dampens his spirit at all. Hope everyone is staying cool.

Hanging Out

*If you are unfamiliar yet curious about the quote from the title of this post, (or the disturbing image of Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy) please click here and then go rent Anchorman pronto! In what world are you living that you have not seen that movie?

*If you are unfamiliar yet curious about the reference to a 3-year-old, (particularly the sounds of one) may I suggest checking out this very funny blog... Who needs a nap?