A Letter To My (Second) Baby: 5 Months

To my sweet Theodorable,

If it seems like I was just yammering on about how you had turned 4-months old, you’re right. I published your 4-month letter earlier today and now I’m back with a timely 5-month letter. You win some, you lose some.

It’s hard for me to come to terms with the fact that you’re actually a month away from being six months old. Last Spring, when talking to Harrison about your arrival and discussing when you’d be able to play with him, I casually mentioned December or January, thinking that it’d be forever before we were actually there. Obviously, we’re “there” and you’re getting sturdier and sturdier - be it sitting, jumping or propping yourself up on your forearms. You’re nowhere near sitting up alone but day by day, you do get closer.

You’re full on rolling to get anywhere you need to go. Most of the time, you refuse to stay on your back for more than two seconds, which has quickly turned you into a 100% belly sleeper. Speaking of sleeping, you’re still doing three naps a day and most nights, you’re still getting up for a snack anywhere between 3-5:30a before going back to bed until 6:30/7a. You’ve given us a week’s worth of 12-13 hour nights, so let’s get back to that, ok?

Right before bed, once we’ve read our books and I’m singing to and rocking you in the chair, you take the backs of your hands and place them over your eyes, in a gesture that seems like you can’t handle the world. I pull your hands away and they return to the same spot like a spring. It’s a little thing that probably won’t even exist next month, but I love watching you do it because it’s a unique physical trait.

When you wake up after naps and your eyes are adjusting to the bright light streaming into your room, your face smiles for a good thirty seconds before your eyes open. It is completely enchanting and I smile reflexively while watching you.

Before naps and before bed, as you get changed and dressed, you turn into a wild man.

You kick your legs like crazy and nearly catapult off of the changing table in the process. You scream happily and yell, cracking yourself up all the while. I always think that there’s no possible way that you’ll fall asleep but thankfully, no more than five minutes after you wild out, you’re out.

You’ve taken a giant interest in Griffin over the last few weeks. You watch him intently while he’s chewing a bone or walking around and when he’s sitting in front of your jumper, you’ll stare at and study him forever.

At your first Thanksgiving, I made some sweet potato for you.

You were able to get a lot of it down and since, you’ve tried apple, pear, carrot, banana and avocado. Apple and banana have been your favorites so far. Whatever we’re eating, you want. You reach for all of my plates and bowls and have successfully grabbed quite a few pieces of food off of my plate. I’ve successfully thwarted your attempts to get it in your mouth. I’m not about to start baby-led weaning this early, especially after watching you gag on a tiny mushed bite of avocado. Baby steps, err, bites.

You love your baths even though I don’t get you in there as often as I’d like.

Especially now that it’s (nearly) Winter, I dunk you three or four times a week. You’re typical Theodore during all of them except for this one time… Daddy snapped you making this face and it’s so out of character. I love that your layers of personality are starting to reveal themselves, even though I wouldn’t want to cross the baby in this picture.

When you were five weeks old, we took you to physical therapy because one part of your head was flat and the doctor we saw was a bit of an alarmist. It rounded out after a few weeks of (supervised) sleeping on your stomach and now it’s as round as can be and we’re thankful for that.

We took you to Vermont last month and once again, you were a rock star road tripper. You witnessed your first snow from the cozy confines of the ski house because the wind was too tough for your tender skin. It was exciting to kick off my favorite holiday season with a big snowfall and it made me equally excited to share the magic of the season with you. Shortly thereafter, you met Santa but… you were unimpressed.

You aren’t unimpressed, however, by the Christmas tree lights. You like to jump right next to the tree, squealing at the ornaments swaying. Daddy and I like to take your picture by it.

Your flexibility is increasing and you’ve successfully nibbled on your toes. Your brother never did that so it’s especially fun to watch you contort your squishy body, preferably sans pants.

Your coos and gurgles are becoming even more defined, if that’s the right word. You’ve started to purse your lips into shapes. It’s fascinating to watch, because you’re that much closer to communicating with us. You turn your (normally) big lips into flat lines and tell us everything on your mind.

You continue to astonish me with your geniality and lightheartedness. Happy 5-month birthday to my squealing, rolling, charming wonder. You make my world better each and every day.

Love eternal,

Mommy (and Daddy!)

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