A Letter To My (Second) Baby: 3 Months

Theo, my sweet,

Three months. Oy. Is it even possible? How can the newborn days have come and gone in just the blink of an eye? You continue to be my amiable, happy, relaxed baby and your personality is starting to show in leaps and bounds. You’re such a treasure and it is SO easy to love you. Your smiles are just as contagious as they were in August and now, you’ve added a mischievous grin to your repertoire that makes me crazy. Maybe it’s the combo of said mischievous grin and the “smile reaching the eyes” thing that you’ve mastered. Either way, I can’t get enough and I live for the way your smiles make me feel.

Theo is 3 months!

You don’t even need words or a sing-song voice to get you going. The other night, while I was making dinner, you were watching me all the while when I turned and gave you a wordless half smile. You gave me this:

Theo is 3 months!

I. melted.

You are a master observer. Most of the time, you’re casually observing your brother or quietly studying Griffin walking about the house. When we take you out, however, you can’t take your eyes off of everything and anything that crosses your sight lines. Your head swivels about and your stares change from nonchalant to intense.

Theo is 3 months!

Last week, I was feeling brave and not only took you to the mall, but took you out of the stroller at the mall. You loved watching all of the comings and goings and I loved watching you take it all in.

Theo is 3 months!

I can’t wait to teach you about everything that catches your attention and peaks your curiosity. It’s a big, big world with so much to learn and it’s a privilege being privy to your discoveries.

Last week, you slept for 11.5 hours straight. (!!!!) It was a Friday night and Daddy and I went to bed with the monitor on as per usual. We forgot, however, to turn the volume up. I woke up at 6:30am and immediately started freaking out. Did you need us overnight? Were you screaming and we were too exhausted to hear it? How neglectful and irresponsible could we be?! Then, logic started sinking in. “Our house is small, our bedroom door was open all night, surely we would have heard you had you been crying out to us.” You were happy all morning so I figured you were unharmed and none the wiser, really. Saturday night rolled around and we made sure to have the monitor volume on like we normally do. You did it AGAIN. You slept 7pm-6:30am and we were (and are!) so, so, so grateful. Since those two glorious nights, you haven’t repeated it but still, you’re a rock star. If you aren’t sleeping through for 11.5 hours, you’re consistently sleeping 7pm-4am, eating, then sleeping 4:30am-7:30am so I’ll take it. You love napping in the swing (a habit we’re going to break this month!) and you easily nap in the car seat if we’re on the run, as well. Heck, if you’re sleepy, you still fall asleep on me, too. That’s a habit we’ll also break this month, as much as it’ll break my heart.

You love the bath and spend most of your bathing time splashing about and ::shocker:: smiling. Sometimes Harrison helps wash your toes and Daddy sneaks in for a picture every once in a while, too.

Theo is 3 months!

After I wrap you in your towel, I bring you upstairs to your room and rock you and snuggle you for a few minutes before getting you into PJs. I love most of your smells, but your post-bath smell is a contender for one of the best.

While driving around lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with you in the backseat. I can’t say I mind it. We chat with Harrison and talk with each other and play silly games. A couple of weeks ago, I took out my phone to take your picture while making silly noises and this happened:

Theo is 3 months!

You wouldn’t let go of my hand so I held it there, on the side of your head until you released it a few minutes later. I’m so happy I captured your face during that moment because your expression is largely how I’ll remember you as you continue to grow and change by the hour. Completely content and so at peace with the world.

You’re getting more fun to dress as you continue to fill out and stay in one outfit for more than an hour at a time. I reeeeaaaallly love dressing you and Harrison in coordinating outfits but I’m not sure how long Daddy will let me do it. Some of the outfits you have are too cute for me to handle, even though you barely tolerate being in them. #theotude

Theo is 3 months!

I know you weren’t happy about the sweater vest or the hat but come on. You’re a vision.

Slowly but surely, you’re starting to interact with toys. You can’t quite hold them but while on the play mat on your back, you swat and kick like a madman. When I lay you on Harrison’s “Road Rug,” it bothers him, but it makes you positively giddy.

Every once in a while, there’s a little mischief in your eyes and I can’t wait to see how that plays out. Go easy on your brother, please. I think you may edge him out in the size department. The unofficial bathroom scale weigh-in puts you at 16.8 pounds, which is 3+ pounds heavier than Harrison was at your age. You’re our buster for sure. Breakin’ hearts and makin’ arm muscles.

Your curiosity grows each day and watching your brain work is marvelous. You process things so intently and I can almost see the cranks turning behind your beautiful baby blues.

You’ll always be my little (big) man and I love you more than you’ll ever know. Keep delighting, pleasing and loving as you do. Your easy, effortlessly content demeanor makes you a force and a marvel.

All my love, my angel,

Mommy (Daddy, too!)

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