Happy belated Easter!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I had a little slot of time Easter morning before we headed down to my parents and I took advantage of it so I could relax bake. Griffin, however, relaxed all morning.

When he heard the camera through the back window, he perked up, but only momentarily.

But back to my morning. When I said I had to “bake” before, please know I use that term veerrrrrry loosely because in fact, I picked a dessert recipe to bring to my mother’s that required NO baking. It was a take on Strawberry Shortcake, in a trifle dish. With premade pound cake from Costco. Does that count as semi-homemade? My baby sister and her boyfriend flew in from Denver for the weekend so I was out to impress. I can normally whip up struggle through something that most people will like, but the time it takes to do so is normally limited.

That being said, I had an hour or so and I laid out my ingredients.

Matt laughs at my prepardness but I love it. I have been known to lay out the pasta & saucepan Sunday night before bed if I know we’re cooking it for dinner on Monday. But I digress. I coated the strawberries in sugar so they would make a delicious syrup-y mess to dump all over the pound cake when it came time to layer.

Then I threw the whipped topping combo togther in the mixer and went to town.

It looked delicious and the finished product wasn’t too bad, either. Definitely didn’t turn out like the images I found on Pinterest, but not bad for a first stab at it.

Needless to say, it was a hit, (thanks for saying so, Mom!) and we ended up taking none home, which was the goal. I can’t have that stuff in my fridge, people. Luckily, after dinner, we all walked to my old elementary school where we kicked the soccer ball around a bit and had target practice with my sister’s boyfriend. :) With a soccer ball, that is. What kind of family do you think I have? At least I felt like I worked off a bit of that creamy dessert. Hope you had a great one.

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