Griffin vs. (Deflated) Volleyball

We had some of Matt's family over last night to celebrate (my sister-in-law) Erin's last night home. She's moving out to Denver to live and we had some very minor set-up to attend to before 30+ people strolled in for a bonfire. It was very low key with the exception of our psycho dog.

Every time we set up for parties, Griffin goes bat sh*t crazy. He runs around -- whimpering, tearing circles around the picnic table -- trying to draw our attention away from the task at hand and onto him by any means necessary. I must say, he does a pretty good job of getting me to divert my focus. Having a 48-pound barrel of energy repeatedly swinging a deflated volleyball into your thigh will do that to any devoted party planner. I love him so, and as a result, I turned his pestering into a full-blown photo shoot. Enjoy.

"Play with me!"

...and my personal favorite...

Yeah... not the greatest party helper.