Baby Bird Love

One of my very first posts way back in the day was about how I was a “casual bird glancer.” More on that here. Basically, I received a bird feeder and just like that, I became sort of obsessed. I loved watching them come and go and I loved seeing the variety of birds that passed through my yard. I have to find that feeder and get it back up because I think Harrison would like to watch them, too.

Matt got me some gorgeous hanging planters for Mother’s Day this year and I had no idea they’d be a preferred spot for a Red Finch to make a nest.

Beautiful Hanging Basket

I noticed the nest because each time I opened the front door, the female would fly away hurriedly and wait for me to leave while perched on a nearby tree. We started with five eggs and three of them hatched.

Baby Bird Hatchling

Slowly but surely, they grew and grew while I sneaked in to water the plant every few days. While I watered, the male would perch on the nearby telephone line and squawk at me until until I finished.

Male Red Finch

The female sat on the nest overnight, and I assume the male kept watch in a nearby tree. What a good Dad, right?. I had no idea birds had nuclear families.

Each morning, the sound of the Mama feeding her young filled our house with chirps and cheeps. Before long, we had three birds that were looking more like adults with each passing day.

Baby Birds in Nest

Here we are a couple of weeks after hatching, and two of the three have left the nest and there’s one straggler left. I think she’s just enjoying the roomier nest.

Baby Birds in Nest

It’s been so fun to watch these little ones grow up and become independent. Hopefully we’ll have another nest next year because by then, I think Harrison will have even more interest. Have you ever had a bird nest in your yard? It’s really kind of fun. You know, for the casual bird glancer.

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