A Letter To My (Second) Baby: 6 Months

Theo Beo Pumpkin Pie*,

Happy half birthday to you, my sweet boy! In July, when I was waiting to meet you, I constantly looked ahead (in my head) to January. I’d imagine you sitting up, interacting with Harrison and having a personality all your own. Somehow, here we are and let me tell you - you aren’t disappointing.

You’re curious, blissfully happy, bubbly and harboring just a smidgen of Mommy-itis and Daddy-itis.

You’re smitten with both your brother and your fur brother and are interacting with them eagerly. Harrison gives you “jumping crib rides” each morning (and after most naps) while you beam up at him and erupt in smiles and giggles. When he finishes jumping, he snuggles in close to you and you rarely look happier.

You love to watch him play with his toys and if he leaves one close enough for you to nab, you love to play with his toys, too. It should be an interesting Spring. Regardless, I know he’s probably your favorite person in the world and I love watching you interact together.

Lately, when you’re getting OR giving Harrison hugs, you erupt into this euphoric, ear-piercing scream and I can’t help but laugh at it. I know your little wrestling matches are only going to get more aggressive and less contained, so I enjoy refereeing them for now.

Griff is also among your most adored. You track him everywhere, often manipulating your body to get a better view of your furry best friend. You rarely try to crawl harder than when Griff is waiting nearby.

Eyes on the prize…

You’re closing on him…

Got him!

Or rather, he got you.

You’re loving solid food and haven’t turned down anything I’ve fed you so far. Now that you’re nearly 6.5 months, I’m making you a bunch of tastier combinations that seem to keep you pretty happy.

Your hand was in your mouth for most of December so I had a feeling a tooth or two was imminent.

Sure enough, you were sporting one bottom tooth and just the tip of the other by the time you turned 6 months.

One Sunday in December, we took you swimming with Harrison and his buddy and you were NOT a fan. You screamed as soon as your toes hit the water and didn’t let up until you were securely wrapped up and toweled in my arms. The pool was unheated so although Harrison and Daddy didn’t mind, I should have anticipated that you might. #momfail

You never stop moving. Arms, legs, hands - you name it. They’re all going all the time, no matter the activity. When I hold you, you start moving both of your legs at such a clip that you actually climb up my front and end up over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes before I realize what’s happening. You navigate every inch of the crib by rolling, army crawling and stretching. You always end up in one corner by the end of it but it’s never the same corner. You give actual hugs of which I can’t get enough. You like being on Daddy’s shoulders, too, especially because you can grab his glasses more easily.

We had a couple of light snowstorms and I took you out following one of them. You love the outdoors just like your brother and didn’t complain at all as Harrison and I took turns pulling you all over. In fact, I think you rather liked the speedy turns.

You also enjoy our Winter walks and time spent roaming the yard. Even when it’s 25 degrees out and your hands are freezing because you’re sucking on your mittens, you’re loving life. There is no getting you down, love.

At your 6-month check-up you were nearly 21.5 pounds and shy of 30” long. The doctor called you “Moose” and said that you’re getting around just fine considering your size. Your wrist rolls are new this month and I think they’re just divine. We have you in 12-18mo clothing and I have a feeling you’ll be in 24mo before you turn 1. You’ll slow down eventually, but for now, you continue your mission to catch up to Harrison. Daddy and I will hit the gym to keep up.

Your eyes are just as expressive as ever.

They are a dead giveaway to your curiosity, mischievousness and contented disposition.

They’re also as blue as ever, causing people to stop me while I’m out and say how beautiful they are. It’s a joy to watch you watch everything. Take it all in, my love, there’s always more to see.

We took you on your first plane ride to Texas and you were a CHAMP. You napped twice on the longer, first flight and once on the return flight.

You pooped both ways which wasn’t a ball for me but everything else was.

I loved snuggling you and holding you and entertaining you for hours at a time…. it was a challenge and it was exhausting but in the best possible way.

You still love the 4am wake up but you go right back to sleep. It normally takes some combination of feeding you, giving you the pacifier and handing you your lovie. When I get out of bed, I’m normally pretty grumpy but by the time I’m rocking you in the chair upstairs, I’m nuzzling into you and thanking God that you’re mine. I know the 4am waking isn’t forever and while I’d love to sleep close to 8 hours in a given night, I remember that those middle-of-the-night hugs disappear with the wake-up and I’m okay with hanging out with you at 4am for as long as you need it.

You’re nothing but happiness and joy for this old Mama of yours and I really do thank God every day he paired you with me.

Keep exploring, figuring, belly crawling, screeching and oh! rocking those Babiators.

You’re a gem, Theodore, and I love you beyond words.

Mommy (Daddy, too!)

*This is a wacky little nickname that I sing to you umpteen times per day. Normally I finish the rest of song and if I don’t, your brother does!

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