I spy ___________

You’ve already heard my whole spiel here about how I love spring. “Blah blah” you’re saying… “we get it, move on to your next house project…” BUT FIRST (dun dun dun) a game of I Spy…

Matt and I were running Griff around the backyard tonight after work and during a yard lap, Matt asked me if I saw what he saw in the back woods. Do you see it?

I Spy

Nothing yet? Let me move closer…

I Spy

Anything? Let’s go in a bit more.

I Spy

Come ON, people! Do you know anything about me yet?!

I Spy

Ah, yes, they’re daffodils. Nice work! My husband spotted these bad boys from way up on the back deck. So of course, I had to climb over my fallen magnolia (tear!) to snap a picture.

PLEASE overlook the sad shape of our backyard. Since returning from vacaction, we have had no time to spruce up. This weekend, however, is all open. We have big plans to do a ton of raking, overseeding, filling in holes from the menace that is our digging dog, sketching out ideas of new plants for our color-barren backyard, and coming up with an overall plan for one of the most neglected parts of our little slice of Americana. Stay tuned for updates.

Anyone spot those yellow beauties from the first picture? Finding any surprise pop-ups in your neck of the woods?

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