A Letter To My (Second) Baby: 3 Months

Theo is 3 months!

Theo, my sweet,

Three months. Oy. Is it even possible? How can the newborn days have come and gone in just the blink of an eye? You continue to be my amiable, happy, relaxed baby and your personality is starting to show in leaps and bounds. You're such a treasure and it is SO easy to love you. Your smiles are just as contagious as they were in August and now, you've added a mischievous grin to your repertoire that makes me crazy. Maybe it's the combo of said mischievous grin and the "smile reaching the eyes" thing that you've mastered. Either way, I can't get enough and I live for the way your smiles make me feel.


A Letter To My (Second) Baby: 10 Weeks

Welcome, Theo!

Theodore Dean, my love, 

Welcome to the world, big guy. I'm so happy you're here!


I Got 99 Problems But A Front Door Ain't One

Dog in a storm door window.

Hit me! I haven't posted to this blog in 3 months and I owe it (and you) 3 definitive posts. I'm behind on our board & batten post (pre-Thanksgiving), our new front door post (pre-Hanukkah) and Harrison's 21-month letter (pre-Christmas). Oops. Here's an update on our front door while I get the other two posts together. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy 2016. There. All caught up.

We first looked at this house in April 2009 and since April 2009, I've been dreaming of a new front door.


DIY Learning Tower

After a long, relaxing summer where we didn't tackle any major projects, we knocked one out yesterday. I've wanted a learning tower for some time, thinking it will help keep Harrison in the kitchen when I'm cooking, instead of stirring up trouble in the front room where I can't see him. I didn't, however, want to shell out $200.

If you haven't heard of a learning tower, you're not alone. I hadn't heard of one until going to a friend's house (Hi, MO!) and seeing one in her kitchen. Basically, it's an adjustable step stool on steroids. Here's the stock image for the "real" Learning Tower on Amazon. 


A Letter To My Husband (5 Years)


Happy October 15th, my love.

You just left for softball on our fifth wedding anniversary and just as I told you last week when you found out you had a game tonight, I'm not mad. After all, softball is a commitment, your team is counting on you and above all, the season is almost over. You told me that if I said the word, you'd skip the game but the way you honor your commitments is one of the 2,962,541 things I love about you. Lord knows I get more Matt than I can handle as soon as the season ends. Insert winky face here. 


A Letter To My Baby (18 Months)

Harr Bear is 18 months old!

Hi Harr Bear!

If I had any problem calling you a "toddler" up until this point, I better get over it because we're now closer to your second birthday than your first and that. is. crazy.


5 Reasons I Rushed You Off the Phone (Week from Hell)

Numbing Cream on a Toddler Hand

This week has been a little bit nuts for many reasons.

Matt's softball leagues are finishing up so with playoffs and rescheduled rain-outs, he spends a few nights out each week leaving me to handle The Bear on my own. After being with him all day, of course. Oy. We love catching the weekend games when we can, though. Harrison loves watching his daddy play and I love the way his little fingers curl around the chain link fence calling "Da-Da, Gul!" Don't worry, I pull his fingers off the fence when the batters are up. What kind of mother do you think I am?!


Tractor Spotting

Tractor Spotting

Yesterday, our town's DPW was out and about mowing some of the roadsides that get neglected. Read: Not our side of the road. They use a tractor with a mowing attachment to get 'er done so you know that it got the attention of one truck-loving toddler I know...

Harrison kept pointing at it as we moved from window to window and eventually, it moved out of sight. Imagine our surprise when we went out to get the mail and found the tractor sidelined.


Boo, Vandalism.

Mailbox Baseball

Vandalism sucks. It just does. When it happens to someone you know, it really sucks. When it happens to you and you have an innocent sleeping child 100 yards from the act, it really, really sucks and it's making me see red all over.


Pal Packs <3

It may be barely August but I wanted to thank LLBean for officially kicking off my Christmas shopping with their RIDICULOUS "Bean's Pal Packs." Super ridiculous. I was in the Danbury, CT store earlier today and I still can't get over this...